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Monday, December 24, 2012

Foster Spotlight: DR. PEPPER

Pepper has been doing so well lately and just loves to lay on his bed and soak in the sunlight through the window. Sometimes the cats saunter into the room and he lifts his head with acknowledgement, then puts in back down on his bed to continue with his beauty rest.
Pepper in his foster home, on his favorite bed yet.

We’ve been working on sit, wait, & watch me, as well as just lots of good positive fun & love. He does “watch me” well & according to the information the trainer provided, that’s a good indicator that Pepper is willing to learn. Our routine has become more relaxed & fun-oriented. I’ve started a toy box for him, & put a couple of things in his crate, too. I’ve noticed he won’t play with them in his crate, but once I let him out, he’ll go in his crate & pull his toys out to play. He really is like a child sometimes. I was cutting up some stew meat for a meal the other day & made a pile of some pieces I wasn’t going to use. I called Pepper over & gave him the 1st piece. From that moment until I was done, I had his full attention & he sat for me every time I asked. LOL

Last Sunday’s trip to City Park was a success. He hates riding in the jeep & I have to carry him to get him into it, but once we got going, he’s started to relax. We didn’t have any tummy upset at all that day, & we went from home to City Park, then we drove down to the Fly & back home. At some point he was relaxed enough to try & lay down, but of course the seat is too small for him to do that so he just sighed & looked out the window.

Dr. Pepper really enjoyed his field trip to City Park.  He's lucky to have such an amazing Foster Mom
The cats still tantalize him, but I can tell they aren’t as much of a temptation as they had been. I have one that stays inside most of the time & sometimes if she is in the hall, she will sit still & let Pepper pass by her. You can tell they are both cautious, but I see that as a good sign that they are respecting each other. As long as the cat stands his/her ground, Pepper will leave them alone. If they run, however, he still tries to chase them. I’m wondering if that will ever change, tho. *sigh*  ~Rebecca T.

Pepper is looking forward to starting his obedience class in January. And really hopes his forever family comes to find him soon in the new year!!

Pepper's best Reindeer impersonation
Here's a link to Pepper's Bio on Petfinder: Adopt Pepper

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Monday, December 17, 2012