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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Introducing Amy Knoll, Event Coordinator

Amy Knoll is a native of Chicago, she moved to New Orleans in 2008 after falling in love with a Katrina evacuee who needed to come home.  So here she is in New Orleans and we are happy to have her!

Since arriving to the Big Easy,  Amy has collaborated on several notable projects, culminating with the opening of her own store Bon Castor, in Bywater.  She really dove into our city and is thrilled to be absorbed into a community so rich in creativity and culture.    

Amy became involved with Sula after adopting Calliope, a pit-mix from the LA/SPCA . She quickly recognized that pit bulls and pit mixes are the unofficial Dog of New Orleans, and wanted to contribute towards health and safety of all the dogs in the City.  We are delighted that Amy has stepped up to the position as Event Coordinator and will be a major player in the continued growth of the Sula Foundation’s presence in New Orleans. 


 Amy lives in the New Marigny with Sophie a chow/lab mix & Calliope a pit mix (pictured), two cats named Cleo and Erik……. and the boyfriend who recruited her here in the first place.  Feel free to bring your dog by the shop so Amy can gush over him/her and share treats. We hear she is very good at belly rubs, too!

Foster Spotlight: Luigi

Hi! My name is Luigi. For the past week I’ve been living in a new home with two fun humans, who call themselves my foster mom and dad, and two fun, furry friends, who are called my foster brother and sister.  My foster mom and dad constantly compliment my great behavior inside the house, my good manners, and my kindness towards my foster siblings.

 I’m really starting to get the hang of this having a family to love me thing! I can’t wait for my foster parents to get home every day! The first thing we always do is play in the backyard!  I love to chase my tennis balls, check out the new scents in the garden, following the lead of my foster brother, and I especially love running around, romping and wrestling with my foster sister. 
 Sometimes, I get so excited when I’m playing in the house with my foster siblings I pick up anything I can find to use as a play toy. Sometimes shoes, socks, books, anything really!  My foster parents always seem to help me learn which toys are actually mine (and fun to use when playing) by making me swap things that are not really mine with fun toys of my very own.  I even have my very own box of toys – How ‘bout that??  I love to dig through my box and find new toys and bones.   I’m not sure how they always get there, but I think it may be the humans putting them there for me.   No complaints here!

When nighttime comes, nothing is more enjoyable than cuddle time in the living room with my new foster family.  My foster parents always hug me, pet me and tell me how much they love me. They even tell me how handsome I am! I really hope I am making them as happy as they have made me!

Top Ten Reasons To Adopt Rooney

10. He is undeniably handsome and charismatic and will get you attention wherever you roam. 

9. He has a basic obedience certificate under his belt; and he’s eager to learn more.

8.  He has an endless zeal for life and the classic pit bull smile to make them swoon.

7. He is crate-trained and leash-trained.

6. He has been unfairly discriminated against and would love the opportunity to educate people on his breed and good nature.

5. He likes to hang out with dogs and people of ALL sizes.

4. He’s strong and athletic and will make a fantastic jogging partner.

3. He deserves it; he's been waiting patiently for humans of his very own for nearly 1 year.

2. He is a big teddy bear that loves toys and playing fetch; he longs for a toy box of his very own.

1. Because he will spend his life working to be the best dog and the most loyal companion to you and your family.  



Monday, October 1, 2012

Introducing Caroline

Hi! My name is Caroline. A few weeks ago, I got hit by car, then ended up at a real scary place they call "the shelter." My people didn't want me back, so the shelter put me on something called a euthanasia list. I have no idea what that means, but it sounds scary.

Then, some nice people came to get me and brought me to a home! I've been here for about two weeks, and everyone says I'm doing all the right things. I get so excited when I see my foster mom. I want to jump to be closer to her, but she's taught me that I get more attention when I sit calmly. So cool!

I also get to go on walkies around the neighborhood, where I can smell a bazillion new smells and meet all kinds of new people and other dogs. And the best part? If I stay close to my foster mom, and look up at her every so often, I get chicken! Yesterday, it started raining on us, so we had to run under a balcony. While we were waiting, my foster mom taught me how to "leave it". Whenever I REALLY want something, I can have it (or something even better) if I just leave it alone first. It's hard cause I get so excited, sometimes I feel like I'm gonna explode. My foster mom says I'm learning impulse control, whatever that means.

Oh, and I get to play with the big blue boy who lives here, too. To let him know I'm ready, I usually walk up to him, lick his jowls, and then throw myself onto the floor. Then, he bites my ear and it's on! We wrestle around for hours. I like him. He's really handsome and gentle with me.

Soon, I'll be looking for a forever home. They say that I need to get rid of all the worms in my heart first, though. I'm just happy my name is off that euthanasia list, cause whatever it means, it can't be as good as this.