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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Foster Spotlight: Luigi

Hi! My name is Luigi. For the past week I’ve been living in a new home with two fun humans, who call themselves my foster mom and dad, and two fun, furry friends, who are called my foster brother and sister.  My foster mom and dad constantly compliment my great behavior inside the house, my good manners, and my kindness towards my foster siblings.

 I’m really starting to get the hang of this having a family to love me thing! I can’t wait for my foster parents to get home every day! The first thing we always do is play in the backyard!  I love to chase my tennis balls, check out the new scents in the garden, following the lead of my foster brother, and I especially love running around, romping and wrestling with my foster sister. 
 Sometimes, I get so excited when I’m playing in the house with my foster siblings I pick up anything I can find to use as a play toy. Sometimes shoes, socks, books, anything really!  My foster parents always seem to help me learn which toys are actually mine (and fun to use when playing) by making me swap things that are not really mine with fun toys of my very own.  I even have my very own box of toys – How ‘bout that??  I love to dig through my box and find new toys and bones.   I’m not sure how they always get there, but I think it may be the humans putting them there for me.   No complaints here!

When nighttime comes, nothing is more enjoyable than cuddle time in the living room with my new foster family.  My foster parents always hug me, pet me and tell me how much they love me. They even tell me how handsome I am! I really hope I am making them as happy as they have made me!

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