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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top Ten Reasons To Adopt Rooney

10. He is undeniably handsome and charismatic and will get you attention wherever you roam. 

9. He has a basic obedience certificate under his belt; and he’s eager to learn more.

8.  He has an endless zeal for life and the classic pit bull smile to make them swoon.

7. He is crate-trained and leash-trained.

6. He has been unfairly discriminated against and would love the opportunity to educate people on his breed and good nature.

5. He likes to hang out with dogs and people of ALL sizes.

4. He’s strong and athletic and will make a fantastic jogging partner.

3. He deserves it; he's been waiting patiently for humans of his very own for nearly 1 year.

2. He is a big teddy bear that loves toys and playing fetch; he longs for a toy box of his very own.

1. Because he will spend his life working to be the best dog and the most loyal companion to you and your family.  




Gallivan Burwell said...

I helped train Rooney @ one of The Sula Foundation's great obedience classes, & vouch for his excellent character & fine manners. Sula volunteers Tracey Cannon & Shell' Wells have continued to put a lot of training & socialization time into Mr. Rooney.

It's a lucky person who adopts this dog.
-Gallivan Burwell

Gallivan Burwell said...

I helped train Rooney @ one of our obedience classes sponsored by The Sula Foundation, and can vouch for his fine character. Sula volunteers, Tracey Cannon & Shell' Wells have continue to spend a good deal of time training & socializing "Mr." Rooney.

A lucky person will adopt this epic pebble.
- Gallivan Burwell
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