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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Q & A with a Stellar Foster Dad

 Sula Foundation recently conducted an informal interview with Rooney’s fabulous and extremely dedicated foster dad, Gabriel.  We hope you enjoy the informative (and lighthearted) excerpt included below.  There are so many wonderful dogs in need of homes throughout New Orleans.  The dogs are diverse; they are smart.  They are deserving of a loving home.  Competition is high -- this is one explanation as to why Rooney has yet to be adopted.   Another reason might be – that he is such a large dog in stature, and needing of a strong (and smart) handler, or that he’s roughly four years old, and no longer a puppy. 

Or perhaps, Rooney is living proof -- Sometimes… the best really is saved for last. Right?  Then it goes without saying we are extremely eager to meet Rooney’s forever family – because they are going to be good folks with a bright future.  No doubt.

Rooney on Instagram (and on a car ride too.)

SF: How would you describe the perfect home for Rooney?
Gabriel: Rooney, like any other human (or dog) needs love and attention.  He will benefit greatly having another dog and/or someone who can exercise him (jogging, dog park, walks, etc). Rooney is a versatile dog.  He loves his kennel which makes any home transition easier.  For the past few months he has been primarily an inside dog with a clean record (no #1 or #2) 

SF: Would this home have other dogs? Cats?
Gabriel: He gets along great with other dogs unconditionally.

Sleeping Beauty
SF: Share with us something we wouldn’t expect from Rooney.
Gabriel: He can be intimidating at first because of his muscular physique.  But like a Chihuahua, he's not aware of his looks or size.  He is extremely sweet and will cuddle/lick any given chance.
He is also bilingual (English and Spanish)
SF:  So he's bilingual AND he knows the merengue... now THAT is something!

SF: What is your favorite aspect of Rooney’s personality?
Gabriel:  Rooney is loving, sweet and can definitely chill out when it’s time for downtime!

SF: Does Rooney have a favorite toy?

Gabriel: Hands down…tennis balls

SF:  If you had to guess, what would be Rooney’s ideal way to spend an afternoon.
Gabriel: At the dog park

Now THOSE are some "Puppy Dog" eyes.

SF: What about Rooney’s sleeping habits? Does he snore? Does he steal the covers?  Is he a bed hog?
Gabriel: Rooney sleeps in his kennel -his choice. Occasionally he'll nap in the laundry room (where it’s darker).  He snores sometimes.  He hasn't been allowed to jump on furniture or beds but I would guess he would be a bed hog if given the opportunity. Haha.

If you want to learn more about Rooney, please email us at and we'll happily arrange an opportunity for you to meet this incredible canine creature.  We love him and think you will too. 
(Gabriel is also available to answer any questions you have - about anything and everything Rooney.  Just ask.)