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Monday, October 1, 2012

Introducing Caroline

Hi! My name is Caroline. A few weeks ago, I got hit by car, then ended up at a real scary place they call "the shelter." My people didn't want me back, so the shelter put me on something called a euthanasia list. I have no idea what that means, but it sounds scary.

Then, some nice people came to get me and brought me to a home! I've been here for about two weeks, and everyone says I'm doing all the right things. I get so excited when I see my foster mom. I want to jump to be closer to her, but she's taught me that I get more attention when I sit calmly. So cool!

I also get to go on walkies around the neighborhood, where I can smell a bazillion new smells and meet all kinds of new people and other dogs. And the best part? If I stay close to my foster mom, and look up at her every so often, I get chicken! Yesterday, it started raining on us, so we had to run under a balcony. While we were waiting, my foster mom taught me how to "leave it". Whenever I REALLY want something, I can have it (or something even better) if I just leave it alone first. It's hard cause I get so excited, sometimes I feel like I'm gonna explode. My foster mom says I'm learning impulse control, whatever that means.

Oh, and I get to play with the big blue boy who lives here, too. To let him know I'm ready, I usually walk up to him, lick his jowls, and then throw myself onto the floor. Then, he bites my ear and it's on! We wrestle around for hours. I like him. He's really handsome and gentle with me.

Soon, I'll be looking for a forever home. They say that I need to get rid of all the worms in my heart first, though. I'm just happy my name is off that euthanasia list, cause whatever it means, it can't be as good as this.

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