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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Now on video: Meet the pit bulls of New Orleans

Last October, I announced my plans for The Sula Foundation at a party for some of the best pit bulls in New Orleans. With the support of Animal Farm Foundation, this video was created, starring the Hot 8 Brass Band and featuring interviews with some people who really love their dogs:


New Orleans News Ladder said...

Oh Thank you thank you! Can't wait to get your book. I placed you onto today's NO News Ladder

I found my Doberman, Flora, around the corner at that Cafe' and know Sound Cafe' down to its antique, barge-wood frame.
Flora, bless her heart, passed this spring.
But she'd got me through the hurricane and the first six days of the flood and I had her that first horrible year after. Would not have made it without her.
You know I used to get almost the same reactions with her from folks at first, but then...she'd do that "ears thing"...
Maybe I'll get me a Nola Pit.

Thanks again,
edattila~NO News Ladder

Bambi said...

Great video Ken. I was thrilled to hear of the launch of the Sula Foundation!