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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Help Dominick and find out what makes up your mutt

I'm not sure what kind of dog Dominick is. When I picked him up a few weeks ago, he was eating garbage out of a gutter in front of a McDonalds on St. Claude Avenue. At first he didn't want anything to do with me, but eventually he got into my car and within a few blocks he was in my lap, on his back, getting his scrawny belly rubbed as I drove. Please, don't try this in your own car. Dom stayed for a few weeks with a vet uptown and then moved over to Zeus' Place, where he has been delighted to be fed, petted and surrounded by dozens of other dogs. But like most strays in New Orleans, he has heartworms. In order to pay for his treatment and that of other dogs, we need to do a little fundraising. (In addition to Dominick, in the past week we vaccinated and neutered five dogs, and we're treating a pair of puppies for mange.)

Beginning March 21st, The Sula Foundation will be holding an ongoing Swab-a-thon. We're working with the folks at CanineHeritage, and in addition to sharing the proceeds on their canine DNA testing kits, they've also, for the first time, agreed to drop the price from $120 to $99.95. The test involves collecting a DNA sample from your dog's mouth, which is then compared to 100 breeds. It should be noted that they do NOT test for "pit bull." But if you have ever wondered, debated or argued about what your rescue dog is made of, now is your chance to get scientific proof. You won't love your dog any more or less, but you might learn some surprising things about his or her past. We'll have the kits available March 21st at the Bywater Bark Market, and also at Canine Connection and Canine Culture, as well as other upcoming events. You can preorder your kit online now, for pick up when they arrive.

Canine Heritage DNA kit preorder

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