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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Treating dogs as individuals

A funny thing happened on our way to dinner with some folks from Bad Rap and Animal Farm Foundation last week. First, Donna Reynolds, the wonderful co-founder of Bad Rap, had to cancel in order to head from their home-base in Oakland to the middle of the country to evaluate a group of dogs that were part of the enormous multiple-state dogfighting bust that took place earlier this summer. Previously, The Sula Foundation joined Bad Rap in urging the Humane Society of the United States to reverse their policy of euthanizing all "bust" dogs without evaluation.

The largest group of dogs from this recent bust are being held in St. Louis with the Humane Society of Missouri. The Sula Foundation has reached out to them several times in the past month offering our volunteer support to come up and help clean kennels or take custody of a dog or two once they have been released and passed their evaluations. But, as often happens in the rescue world, we're still waiting to hear back. So, in a Freaky Friday sort of twist, Sula-founder Ken Foster took Donna's place, and met with Bad Rap co-founder Tim Racer at a still-undisclosed location to meet and assess another group of dogs that are part of this same expanding federal case.

We can't give all the details just yet. But we can throw out a few adjectives: Moving. Intense. Emotional. Rewarding. (You can read a bit more over at the Bad Rap blog.)


Donna said...

Good lord - that has to go down in history as one of the most difficult dinners ever to plan! Thanks for stepping up for these dogs and working it so I could stay home and eat bon-bons with my pups.

We can't wait to see photos of your beautiful red girl leaving the shelter for good. That's one lucky Oklahoma lass.

kfoz said...

By the time I got to Oklahoma, I had to remind myself how the whole plan came together. Oh yeah, we were just going to have dinner!