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Monday, October 12, 2009

It's almost here: the 2010 Pit Bulls of New Orleans Calendar

The 2010 Calendar features two dozen dogs in locations all over town. You can order it online, or pick it up at Canine Connection, Canine Culture, Petcetera, Beth's Books, Garden District Bookshop, The Transportation Revolution, 45 Tchoup, FAB, Neophobia, Snake and Jakes, Juan's Flying Burrito, Fair Grinds Coffee House.

Just $18 plus $4.95 postage, with proceeds going to continue our work. You can use a credit card via the PayPal button below, or send a check to The Sula Foundation, PO Box 3780, New Orleans, LA 70117. (Or via Amazon, if that makes you more comfortable, although we earn less with Amazon sales.)

Calendar plus shipping

1 comment:

RescuedPittieMommy said...

I got my calender in the mail a couple of days ago and LOVE IT!
I hung it outside my office door to share with everyone - right now it's on the first page with the collage of pictures and people can't walk by without stopping to look at the cute babies.
Love it! Thanks!