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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here's Jacques

Jacques is a deaf pit bull puppy who was abandoned by his breeder several weeks ago. We were called for help because, at the time, the City of New Orleans still didn't have a contract for animal control. We were able to turn him into the shelter for a five day waiting period, and line up a new home for him while he was vaccinated and neutered. How did we manage to find the right home so quickly? In this case, we have to say it was luck. Pure luck.


Toni said...

We have a deaf dog (a Katrina rescue) and he is the best. So smart, learned hand signals in less than a day, and minds better than any dog we've ever had.

I encourage people not to discount dogs with disabilities. They have great ABILITIES!

Nichole said...

OMG. So cute!!!!!!!!!!!