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Friday, June 4, 2010

It is hard to believe a month has passed since Sula's passing, and with that milestone comes...hurricane season.  The LA/SPCA has a great page of tips for hurricane preparation; in short: be sure you know several places that you can evacuate to with your pets; have crates ready for each animal; bring copies of vet records; have their favorite food and toys on hand (or pre-packed through the season); and be sure your animals have collars and tags as well as microchips for identification. 

Speaking of collars, we're thrilled with the gorgeous Sula collar that was launched yesterday by Paco Collars.  Paco collars create exquisite, hand-crafted leather leads, collars and leashes.  "The Sula" features a diamond pattern modeled after our Sula's white diamond marking on the back of her neck.  A portion of all sales of the collar will be donated to The Sula Foundation, and through June 7th, 20% will be coming our way.  Check out "The Sula" and other collars at their website; they may be a little more than you are used to spending, but they are worth every penny. 

Some additional uplifting news: two of our foster girls,Blue Blue and Kianna, were adopted this week, and we have several more adoptions in progress.  Because we're slow careful with our adoption process, we've changed the name of our "adoption days" to "open houses," and we invite people to meet our available foster dogs, learn more about the breed, and share ideas about our ongoing work on behalf of the pit bull. 

Our next Open House will be held:
Saturday, June 5th
Freret Market
Freret and Napoleon Avenue

Another upcoming event: On Saturday June 12th, we'll be taking some of our foster dogs, as well as a few graduates, to team with Literacy Americorps to help a group of all-ages with their reading skills.  The dogs will sit and listen, without judgment, while students practice reading aloud.  We'll send out more information on this next week, but if you are interested in volunteering with us for this or other events, please be sure that we have your volunteer application on file by contacting

We're also working on a program to assist the pets and families of fishermen (and fisherwomen) affected by the Gulf Oil spill. sure to check out the website for the soon-to-open NO FLEAS market, where you can clean out your closets and earmark the proceeds to go your favorite local rescue organization.  (May we suggest The Sula Foundation?)

That's it for now.  We hope to see you soon.

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