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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hercules, Shorty and Me

This past Saturday I was invited as a guest at the American Pit Bull Foundation's
first annual summer benefit concert in Charlotte, NC. It was a great day, with a fair full of vendors and rescues throughout the afternoon, and five bands performing in the evening, including the "Pit Bull Blues" guy, John Shipe. But the big lure for all of us was the guest MC (or MCs): Shorty Rossi and Hercules from the Animal Planet show "Pit Boss." You never know how a celebrity will be when you meet them in person, but Shorty was totally cool, and devoted his day to signing autographs, taking pictures and making sure everyone knew that we were there to support adoption and spay/neuter, not breeding (which, as he said, may have pissed some people off.)

As you can see from this photo, someone forgot their sunblock. I was a little red after an afternoon signing books and selling Sula shirts in the sun, but it was worth it. Shorty and Hercules and I will be at it again on Saturday, July 30th in Louisville for the Pitty Fairness event organized by Saving Sunny. Come by if you are in the area! -- Ken Foster

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