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Monday, January 16, 2012

Biloxi does the right thing

After seizure, the dogs spent over a month
at the County Farm in Gulfport
For the past month, The Sula Foundation has been working (at no fee) with authorities in Biloxi, Mississippi, in response to a recent case in which twenty-five dogs were seized after being found tethered on a rural property, covered in wounds. The Biloxi police were determined to find the person responsible, and also determined to save any of the dogs that were sound enough to become pets, which is what the dogs deserve.

This girl had no reason to trust humans,
but welcomed us with open arms. 
One can never know what to expect when called to assess a group of dogs like this, yet we still weren't prepared for the condition the dogs were in, and the dignity with which they still managed to carry themselves. Several had to be euthanized due to gangrene. Others were so traumatized that they would only crawl along the ground in our presence, never rising up onto their feet.

Dogs of the 9th Ward, For the Love of Pits, and Animal Farm Foundation each generously offered to take one dog into rescue, but we're still working toward finding placements for some of the rest. It's been a rough month, as we inevitably bonded with many of the dogs who's futures are still uncertain.  At the same time, it's been incredibly rewarding. Today, the star of the evaluations, Mama, will arrive in Cleveland, Ohio to begin a new journey...learning what it means to be part of a family.  Each of the survivors deserves the same fate as Mama; we can only hope that there are enough resources available to afford them the chance at life they're entitled to.
Mama soaks up some New Orleans sun
before heading to Cleveland, Ohio

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