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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Andrew the Orphan

My name is Andy. When I was a little pup, I lived outside with another dog that was always picking on me. Every day, I hoped that my owner would come into the yard to play with me, or let me come inside to snuggle with him. But that never happened. One day, he left me at a place called Canine Connection, which was AWESOME because I got to play with lots of other dogs, sleep inside, and gives lots of kisses to the staff there. All the humans loved me, and I felt so lucky. 

But I’ve been here for a really long time now.  Most of the other dogs get dropped off early in the morning, run around the yard for a while, and then a human comes to pick them up when it gets dark. I wonder why no human comes to pick me up. All I want to do is give lots of kisses, run around with my girlfriend Angel, and have a human to call my own. 

I have TWO basic obedience certificates. The trainer people said that I was the star pupil of the classes. I know sit, down, stay, come, touch, and watch! I’m super-focused on my people, and I’m highly food-motivated.  I love every human I’ve ever met, even the little ones. Every night, when the dogs at Canine Connection go home with their people, I wonder if I’ll ever be so lucky. I want a home too, cause I deserve it. 



Kim said...

OMG, he is such a cutie! Wish I could take him home with me:(

leeona bre said...

That look on his face is priceless! Good luck finding a home you do deserve it!